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Condition Monitoring with the FAG DTECT X1 in a  Rolling Mill
Reference / GTS | 2014-06 | GTS 0049 | English

Condition Monitoring with the FAG DTECT X1 in a Rolling Mill

The name of Aleris Aluminium Koblenz GmbH stands for one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of high-quality rolled aluminum products. Since production began in Koblenz in 1964 the company has been providing a specialized range of products manufactured to high quality standards. Challenge for Schaeffler: In a rolling mill there is a hazard of rolling stand fires due to hot running and loss of quality in the rolled product due to roller bearing defects on the bridle rollers. In order to offset this risk the customer was looking for an opportunity to coun - teract the risk of failure. Schaeffler therefore was asked to monitor the critical machine components with the aid of vibration diagnosis.

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