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Schaeffler Group Industrial Aftermarket at the HMI 2011 Innovative Solutions for Reducing Life Cycle Cost


At this year’s Hanover Fair from 4 - 8 April, the Industrial Aftermarket division will present itself at the Schaeffler Group Industrial booth (Hall 22, Booth A12) as a provider of innovative solutions for industry. The portfolio of showcased products will comprise both novel maintenance products – such as the FAG SmartCheck – and industry specific solutions that combine proven bearing and service products to achieve an optimized machine and plant availability. To enable companies to develop a consistent Total Cost of Ownership strategy, a comprehensive analysis of all costs related to the life cycle of rotating machine elements forms a central element of all solutions.

FAG SmartCheck: The Innovation on the Monitoring Market

FAG SmartCheck is a new and innovative measuring system for real time monitoring of machines and plants. Due to its very attractive price/performance ratio, online monitoring of small, redundant or non-redundant units becomes cost-efficient for the first time. Examples include electric motors, pumps, compressors, ventilators, fans and gearboxes. FAG SmartCheck uses novel technologies and trend-setting functions, making a valuable contribution to optimizing processes and thus reducing Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In spite of its wide range of functions and features, the FAG SmartCheck is very easy to operate, requiring no expert knowledge. The scope of delivery includes a number of parameter templates which make the system ready for use immediately. Fundamental operating functions can be carried out by pressing keys, and alarms are visualized by LEDs in the housing.

FAG SmartCheck – a different kind of sensor

At first glance, FAG SmartCheck resembles a classic vibration sensor. But FAG SmartCheck can do much more than conventional measuring devices. In spite of its small size of about 44 mm x 58 mm x 45 mm, the intelligent system records not only the standard parameters – vibration and temperature – but also other operating parameters such as pressure or flow rate. This provides a broad basis of information which permits experts to make a very accurate assessment of a machine’s condition that contribute to optimizing processes and reducing LCC. LCC include, apart from acquisition costs, the operating and maintenance costs throughout a machine’s entire service life. Customers increasingly demand that manufacturers guarantee the LCC to them. This is only possible if manufacturers know the LCC or can assess them as accurately as possible. This becomes feasible by the new FAG SmartCheck. It already offers numerous options that future machine monitoring schemes cannot be imagined without.

Fields of application and commissioning

Typical fields of application of the FAG SmartCheck include electric motors, pumps, compressors, ventilators, fans and gearboxes. The compact, cost-efficient system can be installed very easily at the machine to be monitored and is immediately operational. It comes with a set of parameters that permit a reliable general monitoring of machines. In addition, more than 20 predefined parameter templates for monitoring, for example, imbalance, alignment errors, rolling bearings, fans and gearings are available. Users who wish to use the parameter templates may access the integrated bearing database. The templates can be adapted easily to specific monitoring tasks with the help of assistants. At customers’ requests, the Schaeffler Group defines additional user specific parameter templates and makes them available to the user.

Data storage, visualization and analysis

The system’s alarm thresholds are adjusted automatically thanks to a patented self-learning mode. After commissioning, the FAG SmartCheck works autonomously. The relevant machine parameters are recorded and saved continuously in the system. In this way a substantial database of history data is created over time. Users can access the FAG SmartCheck’s web server via a standard Internet browser to configurate the system and visualize the latest data in real time. The recorded data can be retrieved directly and easily via the FAG SmartCheck’s Ethernet interface and analyzed using the analysis software that is included in the scope of delivery.

Flexible and expandable

The new FAG SmartCheck offers many different expansion options. Both the number of sensors and the level of system integration can be adapted, depending on customers’ specific requirements. If, for example, a user wishes to include additional parameters into the analysis, the recorded data can also – instead of being retrieved locally at the machine itself – be transmitted to a control unit or control station via TCP/IP or user specific RS 485 protocols. Moreover, users can retrieve and analyze data from other locations via remote link.

Unique service

The Schaeffler Group offers a unique range of services for FAG SmartCheck users – from initial training courses to expert support during the introduction stage and in diagnosis related questions to customized service contracts including remote monitoring. The various services were developed – like the product itself – on the basis of an exact knowledge of customers’ requirements. So they offer far more than the usual type of after sales service and always aim to optimize plants and processes while helping to minimize the LCC and TCO of machines and plants.

Solutions for the Paper Industry

Rolling bearings in the dry section have to fulfill special characteristics. Self-aligning FAG cylindrical roller bearings offer significant advantages in comparison with the normal non-locating bearing arrangements with spherical roller bearings. They enable e.g. large changes in the axial length of the dryer roll compensated without constraint and angular misalignment, an optimum lubrication and they are easy to mount. Self-aligning cylindrical roller bearings, when combined with a plummer block housing that is rigidly screw mounted to the machine frame, have favourable vibration behaviour and thus provide the conditions for higher speed. The ideal solution for monitoring the optimum vibration behaviour of a paper machine is the online monitoring system FAG VibroCheck. It detects signs of imbalance, misalignment, rolling bearing damage and gearing problems at an early stage, enabling operators to avoid unscheduled shutdowns of machines and plants.

Solutions for the Raw Material Extraction and Processing Industry

A combined exhibit – consisting of an FAG spherical roller bearing, the online monitoring system FAG ProCheck and the automatic lubricator FAG Motion Guard CHAMPION – will showcase an example of an integrated plant concept in the raw material extraction and processing industry. To achieve a long rolling bearing service life, all factors – from the selection of a suitable bearing to permanent monitoring of the bearing’s condition to the selection and best possible supply with the optimum lubricant – are of great importance.

A further highlight of the Industrial Aftermarket: The Continuous Caster Bearing Program (CoCaB Program), a rolling bearing program perfectly tailored to the requirements of continuous casting plants. It comprises full-complement FAG cylindrical roller bearings as well as open and sealed FAG branded spherical roller bearings for strand guide rolls, and INA needle roller bearings for the rolls in the upper segments of continuous casting machines. Split FAG spherical roller bearings and split INA cylindrical roller bearings are available for installation in driven rolls. Special FAG bearing housings with circulating cooling water complete the bearing program.

Publisher: Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Country: Germany

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