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E-mobility in the automotive aftermarket First repair solution for hybrid 48-volt future from Schaeffler

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More performance and more economical: Mild hybridization is efficient and environmentally friendly. Picture: Schaeffler

2020-01-21 | Langen

  • New and only from Schaeffler for the automotive aftermarket – the INA FEAD KIT for 48-volt mild hybrids.
  • Schaeffler is well equipped for the repair of current and future hybrid vehicle generations.
  • Already today, the aftermarket experts offer chassis components for more than 85 percent of all hybrid passenger cars. Repair solutions are also available for the timing and front end auxiliary drive (FEAD) for more than half of the vehicles, with upward tendency.

As the first supplier in the aftermarket, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket offers a repair solution for the front end auxiliary drive (FEAD) for hybrid vehicles with 48-volt. The 48-volt INA FEAD KIT is now available for the Renault Scénic and Mégane dCi 110 Hybrid Assist. The main components include the V-ribbed belt, tension and idler pulleys as well as all necessary accessories. During the course of this year, solutions for other vehicle applications will follow.

2020 is the key year for e-mobility for automobile manufacturers, and for the first time the CO2 limits set by the European Union are to be abided. For the automotive aftermarket, too, the question arises which spare parts will be needed in the future and how services can be provided. The technical challenges that garages will have to prepare themselves for in the future are manifold and complex – for example, hybrid cars with a P0 drive have an electric motor in the belt drive in addition to the classic combustion engine. The 48-volt mild hybrid technology plays a central role in transforming the FEAD system from a power consumer into a power supplier: The starter motor and alternator are replaced by a belt alternator generator, or BAS short. In interaction with a 48-volt battery, the vehicle can "coast" with the combustion engine completely switched off, thus saving up to seven percent of CO2 emissions. Upon acceleration, the belt alternator generator can also increase the drive torque with the so-called "boost function", thus increasing both performance and comfort.

From a technological perspective, Schaeffler is very well positioned for hybrid vehicles in the aftermarket, given its original equipment expertise in powertrain systems. Today, the portfolio already offers chassis components for more than 85 percent of all hybrid vehicles. This corresponds to almost the same coverage as for vehicles with traditional combustion engines. For the timing and front end auxiliary drive, the aftermarket experts offer repair solutions for more than half of all hybrid passenger cars. Already today, garages frequently install following repair solutions from Schaeffler, among others: For the engine system the INA Timing Belt Drive KIT for the Audi A3 Sportback 1.4 TFSI e-tron, VW GOLF VII 1.4 GTE Hybrid and the Volvo D5 and D6 Hybrid. For the chassis repair, for example, the FAG WheelSet is installed in the Renault Scénic 4 with 1.5 dCi Hybrid Assist and in the BMW X5 and X6 Hybrid.

Not a revolution, but an evolution of vehicle architecture
In the near future, garages should prepare themselves for a transitional period, as the switch to e-mobility will not take place from one day to the other. “We see the addition of an electric drive to vehicle architecture initially as an evolution. The processes for diagnosis and repair might change, undoubtfully independent garages will be able to repair hybrid and electric vehicles as well. Important is that they accept the changes in the market, invest in future technologies and education," says Rouven Daniel, Vice President of Transmission Systems and responsible for e-mobility at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket.

Regardless of the transmission type, the spare parts business is about five years behind. This equally applies to hybrid and purely electric vehicles. For both types of vehicles, Schaeffler sees the relevant vehicle shares in the spare parts market – i.e. vehicles older than five years – less than five percent globally in the coming years, with a growing global car park at the same time. Schaeffler's "30-40-30 scenario" underpins this and predicts 30 percent full electric vehicles, 40 percent hybrids and 30 percent traditional combustion engines by 2030. "We therefore do not expect a revolution for the next few years, but rather an evolution. With our portfolio, we are ideally equipped as partner for our customers and garages," says Daniel.

Publisher: Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket GmbH & Co. KG
Country: Germany

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