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White paper - Is machine monitoring worthwhile?

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Monitoring for the early detection of damage and defects does not necessarily make good economic sense for every machine or system.This white paper serves as a guide and is intended to support you in your decision.

Excerpt from the content

  • Maintenance strategies explained using practical examples
  • Methods and their importance in practice
  • Structure of a maintenance system based on the example of vibration condition monitoring

The white paper also includes tips, calculation examples, checklists, and examples from practical experience.

These questions are answered in the white paper

  • Is condition monitoring complicated?
  • When is condition monitoring appropriate?
  • Does condition monitoring save money?
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Here you can read how customers have optimized their maintenance systems using Schaeffler condition monitoring solutions.

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Become a vibration expert to DIN ISO 18436-2 in just 18 months.

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Book tip: Derived from practice for use in practice - the Condition Monitoring Handbook is the comprehensive reference work for the vibration condition monitoring of machines and systems. Dr. Hans-Willi Keßler answers four questions about this book.

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