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IAA Mobility 2021 Schaeffler shows sustainable mobility

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Sustainability is hardwired into Schaeffler’s DNA and is an integral part of its Roadmap 2025.

2021-09-06 | Herzogenaurach/Munich

  • Schaeffler demonstrates at the IAA Mobility (Hall B3, A80) how sustainable mobility can be designed
  • Schaeffler shows innovations in e-mobility, such as 3in1 electric axle systems, thermal management and 800 V power electronics
  • Schaeffler rolling chassis as an innovative mobility concept for urban spaces
  • Hydrogen technology as a key to a carbon-neutral future

The automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler is presenting its vision of sustainable mobility in its “On Track to Sustainable Mobility” showcase at IAA Mobility 2021. Along with product innovations such as its 3-in-1 electric axle systems, thermal management technology and 800-volt power electronics, the company is presenting a modular rolling chassis for completely new urban mobility solutions. The showcase also features alternative energy carriers, such as hydrogen for both stationary and mobile applications. “Here at Schaeffler, we take environmental and social responsibility seriously. Sustainability is hardwired into our DNA and is an integral part of our Roadmap 2025,” commented group CEO Klaus Rosenfeld. “By leveraging our innovative powertrain, chassis and alternative mobility technologies and our comprehensive understanding of the energy chain, we are making a major contribution to achieving global climate targets. In doing so, we are sustainably pioneering motion to advance how the world moves.”

Schaeffler innovations in the field of e-mobility
Schaeffler sees the transformation currently taking place in the automotive industry as a major opportunity. “The trend towards electric and alternative mobility concepts is a key driver of innovation for our products and business models,” said Schaeffler CEO Automotive Technologies, Matthias Zink. “We are building our position as our customers’ preferred technology partner by harnessing our expertise in components and systems to develop innovative, customized solutions for shaping this transformation.”

Schaeffler is already a major player in the e-mobility sector, with multiple nominations as a lead supplier of electric powertrain solutions. Among the Schaeffler innovations on display at the IAA Mobility show is an 800-volt power electronics system for electric axle applications in high-performance vehicles such as sports cars and SUVs. Schaeffler’s new 800-volt on-board power supply uses the latest silicon carbide semiconductor technology, which enables efficiencies of over 99 percent and significantly increases the overall range of electric vehicles. Schaeffler is also presenting its 3-in-1 electric axle, which combines the electric motor, gearbox and power electronics in a single system. The showcase also includes Schaeffler’s integrated thermal management system, which further enhances efficiency and delivers significant increases in EV range.

Schaeffler “Rolling Chassis” and hydrogen technology
Schaeffler is also showcasing its rolling chassis, a modular solution to the challenges of urban mobility. The versatile, scalable platform for new, driverless mobility solutions demonstrates Schaeffler’s wide range of mobility technologies and features a flexible architecture that supports various by-wire steering and powertrain options. Visitors to the Schaeffler booth will also see Free Drive, a bike-by-wire drive for e-bikes that dispenses with the usual mechanical connection between crank and wheel and enables a new and freely configurable pedal feel.

As an automotive and industrial supplier, Schaeffler sees hydrogen technology as crucial to achieving a carbon-neutral future. This will involve leveraging synergies across the entire hydrogen energy chain, from generating renewable electricity, to using that electricity to generate green hydrogen by electrolysis, to using the green hydrogen as an energy source. The Schaeffler display at the IAA Mobility show includes a hydrogen fuel cell stack comprising metal bipolar plates made using Schaeffler high-precision forming and thin-film coating processes.

You can visit Schaeffler at IAA Mobility at Booth 80 in Hall B3. The company’s tradeshow press conference will be held on September 6, 2021, at 1:45 p.m. and will be streamed live at

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