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Schaeffler demonstrates next generation of sustainable Motion Technology at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 YOKOHAMA

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We pioneer motion – Schaeffler classifies its products into six product families based on the concept of “Motion”. At the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 YOKOHAMA, Schaeffler will exhibit various motion technologies that support the next-generation mobility and industrial machinery value chain, including electric mobility, powertrains, chassis, bearings, industrial solutions, and vehicle lifetime solutions. (Photo: Schaeffler)

2024-05-21 | Singapore

  • Schaeffler will demonstrate its commitment towards advancing Motion Technology in electrification, CO2 reduction, space and weight reduction.
  • Special preview of thirteen products for the first time in Japan.
  • Exhibits reflect Schaeffler’s manufacturing expertise and deep system understanding that support the value chain of next-generation mobility and industrial machinery.

Schaeffler, the motion technology company, will exhibit a range of engine and drive system products at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 YOKOHAMA, May 22-24, 2024 (Booth #304), demonstrating commitment towards Japanese customers.

Products featured will include innovative technologies and products in electric mobility, CO₂-efficient drive systems, chassis solutions, vehicle lifetime solutions, and renewable energy that enable motion to be more efficient, intelligent, and sustainable over the entire lifecycle. Thirteen products on display will be exhibited in Japan for the first time.

“We are excited to present our passion for motion technology and innovation at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 YOKOHAMA,” says Shoichi Tanaka, CEO Subregion Japan Southeast Asia Pacific. “Our products and services span all facets of motion, be it guiding, transmitting, generating, driving, energizing, or sustaining motion. At the Automotive Engineering Exposition, we are pleased to present our latest products and innovations that reflect our manufacturing expertise and deep system understanding to meet the complex needs of the markets and sectors we are present in.”

Schaeffler products are classified into six product families based on the concept of “motion” and will be displayed at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 YOKOHAMA.

Products that will be exhibited under the product families include:

Guide Motion
The product family on which Schaeffler‘s foundation is built is Guide Motion. It includes bearings and linear guides that control the degree of freedom of motion systems. Here, Schaeffler will be exhibiting a Special Angular contact bearing for the Steering Column, which offers high rigidity and reduced friction loss, as well as a Specialized Bearing for electric motors.

Transmit Motion
This product family comprises a wide range of products, including transmissions and engine components. Powertrain solutions with excellent CO2 reduction effects, including the electric cam phasing system (intake and exhaust), e-Rocker system for exhaust valve deactivation (BMW B58 engine), and a Welded Bevel Gear Differential that achieves significant weight reduction will be exhibited at this year’s show.

Generate Motion
This product family of motion generation includes rear-wheel steering and robotic actuators. This year’s exhibition will feature a Hand Wheel Actuator – Platform Approach with the ability to retract the steering wheel into the dash panel under automatic operation, a compact and lightweight Rear Wheel Steering (RWS) with a unique gear structure that contributes to vehicle packaging and weight reduction, and a high-power Electric linear actuator that replaces hydraulic cylinders in construction and agricultural machinery.

Drive Motion
This product family includes electric motors and drive solutions like electric axles and rolling chassis. Schaeffler is fully committed to making electric mobility a reality. As part of our electric mobility strategy, we already have several electric axle drives in series production and offer various solutions for thermal management and improved power consumption. The nine products on display include a BEV Integrated Thermal System, a 400 V E-Axle 3in1 coaxial with DCU mechanism, and an E-Beam axle (electric rigid axle) for pickup and commercial trucks.

Energize Motion
This product family focuses on innovations that enable motion, for example, hydrogen stacks and fuel cell technology. It also includes products that supply energy to all motion. Schaeffler sees hydrogen as an important future energy carrier in automotive and industrial machinery applications. Schaeffler will present Bipolar plates for PEM Fuel Cell / Electrolyzer stacks, which will be in series production starting in 2024.

Sustain Motion
And to keep it all moving, we have Sustain Motion. This is our repair and monitoring service. Under this product family, we will show our toolbox, LuK Repair Solution for Dry Double Clutches and all the components needed to repair double clutch transmissions.

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