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Handbook on the hot topic of Condition Monitoring

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Dr.-Ing. Hans-Willi Keßler, Managing Director of Schaeffler Monitoring Services GmbH and creator of the Condition Monitoring Handbook.

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  • Practice-oriented expert knowledge on Condition Monitoring
  • Simple and comprehensible language
  • Unique handbook in German literature
  • Reference book and textbook in one

Getting to the heart of the matter with Dr. Keßler - Four questions about the handbook

Why should every designer have a copy of the Condition Monitoring Handbook?

The results obtained from the vibration monitoring of machinery not only provide information about the condition of a machine but extend further, to permit statements about the design of a machine and its potential for optimisation.

What are the findings based on in this book?

The failure of just one machine can have far-reaching consequences in the production process. If we extend this idea to an entire production facility, it is very easy to see that the loss account will be immensely high. The initial approach of identifying the failure well in advance and taking specific steps to avoid this is firmly established in maintenance activities. The question that must be answered in the follow-up approach is, however: “Why was the machine part in question about to fail?“ The answer to this question can bring about an improvementin maintenance measures but must also be incorporated into the design.

Practical experience, theoretical approaches and advances in measurement technology with data acquisition and data analysis have advanced the field of vibration-based condition monitoring.

As Schaeffler Monitoring Services, we have been monitoring and optimising our customers’ plant as well as the production facilities of the various Schaeffler locations for many years, providing our expertise in monitoringas a service and developing and selling Schaeffler measuring systems, digital services and service solutions. All these experiences have been incorporated into this publication.

What are the key aspects of the handbook? How are these of benefit to the designer?

The handbook combines the theoretical understanding of vibration, vibration measurement and vibration analysis with plant, machine and component knowledge and offers guidance on optimising availability and efficiency.

In addition, it conveys an understanding which can be used to derive findings relating to the design of a machine and also explains what type of statements can be derived in relation to machines or to machine parts in order to optimise the design in vibration terms.

Why is Condition Monitoring more relevant than ever?

The digital transformation, which has played a decisive role in shaping the Industry 4.0 approach in recent years, is based on modern information and communications technology, an extensive data source from all areas of production and on the entire life cycle of the produced goods. The systematic evaluation of these data, which is now possible and economically viable, and the linking of these data to other plant data will notonly facilitate largely self-organised production in the future but will also optimise the value chain and use of resources.

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